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We made a $1M App, so you didn’t have to. In fact, we made a lot of them.

MΛDE4 Apps are pre-built, already published in both App Stores and specially designed for almost any industry imaginable. They’re also fully-brandable mobile app (for iOS & Android i) that can pull in any website or individual web-pages instantly. Best of all, we’ve built in cutting-edge messaging, notifications and loyalty making it the ultimate promotional tool to grow your business or brand.
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ΛppWrapr is really just a universal “wrapper” or shell - that works with any type of website, hobby, business, idea, passion project or interest.



The world moves fast - so, level up your website game by adding a fully-branded ΛppWrapr to your current digital stack & strategy.

Recent AppWraprs
Customer: 79 Ratio
(Managed IT Services)
79 Ratio AppWrapr
79 Ratio AppWrapr
79 Ratio AppWrapr
79 Ratio AppWrapr

Customer: Whadda Jerk
(Restaurant + Events Venue)
Whadda Jerk AppWrapr
Whadda Jerk AppWrapr
Whadda Jerk AppWrapr
79 Ratio AppWrapr

ΛppWrapr Exclusive
We engineered AppWraprs so that they could essentially be used to help promote any kind of person, interest, passion project or business - while being able to leverage some of the best features mobile apps have to offer. And, thanks to a flurry of synergies, we are pleased to introduce our first AppWrapr Exclusive (sort of like a template)...

Continual Events
CONTINUΛLΞVENTS leverages much of AppWrapr’s best tech, including its ChattrBox Messaging + Notifications technology - creating a branded, mobile app experience that allows Event Attendees + Guests to browse, chat, message and virtually mingle - both pre and post-Event - thus, creating a “continual” event.

In addition, there are other cool features like automatic check-ins that utilize AppWrapr’s built-in real-time GPS detection, as well as Nearby Member detection using the built-in Geo-Fencing technology - that we are confident will help Event Organizers take their Attendee Engagement + Events to the next level.

Expand your digital footprint
AppWrapr features the incredible messaging power of ChattrBox (our bulk-messaging + real-time notifications arm), giving you reach to your users that websites just don’t have. But, it wasn’t designed to replace your website - it was created to enhance your overall strategy.
AppWrapr is community-owned. Join now, get equity + a monthly revenue share payout.

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